The Danielle Eskinazi Casting iPhone App

Congratulations on taking this positive step towards your Acting Career. We hope that you take a few minutes to familiarize yourself with the App's Info below in order to receive its maximum benefit.
First of all as Actors we know that repetition leads to certainty, whether it be in our lines, our blocking, our character or even our notes in class.
So we recommend that you listen to all of the Topics the first time through (it's under an hour) in order to:
  • familiarize yourself with the body of knowledge and experience contained within.
  • take note of how the information is organized in Chapters and Topics for quicker retrieval of Topics you wish to revisit, for example, in the lobby before an audition.
Audio Chapters
Audio Topics

Chapters and Topics

There are two sections in the Chapters screen: Chapters and Affirmations.  
The Affirmations are exactly what they sound like; a pep talk from your Pocket Coach Danielle Eskinazi to help you help yourself through the auditioning process as well as in a career-wise viewpoint.
The Affirmations can either be played separately or Combined in an extended audio clip.
Each Chapter has a number on the right denoting how many Topics are contained within.

Inside a Topic

  Tapping on a Chapter slides in the first Topic for the chapter and begins the audio.
Each Topic is usually between 30 and 60 seconds long. You can see the list of Topics by passing your mouse over the red Topics button above.
Danielle's voice is accompanied by bullet points much like a Power Point presentation emphasizing important points in the Topic.
When a topic is finished playing, the name of the next Topic appears on the bottom right corner above the Audio Player Controls.
Swipe the screen to the Left and you will begin the next Topic in the Chapter.

Chapter Navigation

Tapping on the List Button in the upper right corner opens up the Chapter Navigation menu.
Tapping on a Topic in the Side Menu will cause that Topic to begin playing. This feature was added to allow an Actor to quickly review a few topics while he or she waits for their turn to audition.
Tapping on the Arrow Button returns the Topic screen to normal. You can also swipe left or right on the purple bar to reveal or conceal the Side Menu.


  You can also take Notes while a Topic is playing.
You can add, edit or delete Notes.
You can also change the order in which the Notes are displayed.

Facebook & Twitter

We included some Twitter and Facebook functions so that you can keep up with Danielle.

And we definitely appreciate your sharing this pretty excellent tool for Actors with your friends on Facebook and Twitter.


The Danielle Eskinazi Casting App is Socialize-enabled. Log in with Facebook and you can leave and read comments on the various Casting Audio Topics. Your comments can also be automatically repeated on Facebook and Twitter which will help increase awareness of the App, something that will be greatly appreciated by Danielle.  

Who Are You?

Anyone who knows Danielle Eskinazi from casting workshops and/or auditions knows first hand how personable and genuinely interested in people she is.
Danielle has included a feature in this app where an Actor can send her a short message and a link to their online credits and pictures.
The WhoAreYou? Message is a two-step process:
  • the Actor inputs their information into the App.
  • a verification email is sent to the Actor to complete the process online.
The Actor is notified automatically when the link is viewed. Pretty cool.