Danielle Eskinazi, CCDA

Auditions are Challenging.

Auditions are challenging even to the most seasoned of Actors with so much at stake.

Every audition is an opportunity

  • to present oneself and one's work
  • to call one's talent forward and make a positive impression with one's preparation and ability
  • to demonstrate one's preparation and ability
  • to demonstrate one's understanding of the character and the character's role in the story that is being cast in front of an audience:
    • the Casting Director and associates
    • the Producers and Director.

Practical wisdom and encouragement at your fingertips

Wouldn't it be great at a moment like this, just before walking into the room, to have some professional help in your pocket, at your finger tips?


Danielle Eskinazi is an award-winning casting director with an eye for talent and a sixth sense when it comes to spotting substance beneath the surface. With over two decades casting films, television, theater, and commercials, Danielle has cast such known talent as David Bowie, Rosanna Arquette, and Woody Harrelson, while also launching the careers of now-successful actors including Hank Azaria and Milla Jovovich. She is highly respected in the business for her creativity, integrity, and ability to draw out audition-nailing performances.

After several years of casting films, Danielle dove into the fast paced world of commercials. Today Danielle Eskinazi Casting has cast over 3,000 national and regional spots and is known for finding edgy, interesting, and talented actors to suit her directors¹ and clients’ needs.

Danielle has been nominated for the Talent Managers Association prestigious Seymour Heller Award for Best Commercial Casting Director of 2009, and was a runner up twice for Favorite Commercial Casting Director in Back Stage West.

She has been sharing her insights by teaching workshops at such venues as the Stella Adler Theater, and speaking on panels including one at the SAG Foundation, which was aired Internationally. Danielle is also affiliated with the AFI Women's Program, helping first-time directors cast their shorts.

Danielle's latest venture is ActVice, an online service she created to give immediate and invaluable feedback on audition rehearsals, monologues, scenes, reels, and/or headshots.

A professional Casting Director in your pocket...

...could come in handy.

It could make a huge difference.

And with repetition, it could give an Actor quite the advantage when they most need it.

Break a leg!

Screen Shots

50 plus Audio Tips organized into "chapters" by Casting Director Danielle Eskinazi, CCDA on all aspects of the auditioning process.
Each Audio Tip is supported with text "bullets" as in a Power Point Presentation for emphasis on important points.
Swipe left or right from Tip to Tip for a smoother listening experience.
Sidebar Menu included for improved navigation choices.
You can take notes and review them later while listening.
Who Are You? Danielle wants to know.
Each Actor has the ability to send Danielle a link to their headshots and resume along with a short note from the App. Acknowledgment emails will be sent back by Casting.
Audio Chapters
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Roberto Montesinos

Developer / Programmer

In addition to being a prolific iPhone Programmer, Roberto is a Professional Actor living and working in Los Angeles.

Working with Academy Award-winning players Cameron Crowe and Matt Damon, Roberto recently played President Hugo Chavez of Venezuela in the feature film "We Bought A Zoo" from Sony Pictures.

After spending eight years in the US Navy working on (and sometimes inside) Nuclear Reactors, Roberto discovered the absolute joy of Acting and has not looked back since. There is nothing better - sorry to those who might disagree.

Roberto came up with this iPhone App concept as a tool to help himself and other Actors with the often stressful audition process and was thrilled to work with a Casting Director of Danielle Eskinazi's level and accomplishments, and looks forward to working with others to bring valuable tools to Actors out there.